Meet The Characters

Here are the character galleries. 

These galleries have pictures of all of our available characters. They are put into differet sections so you can browse through and choose which characters you would like. Just click on a character picture to enlarge so you can take a closer look. We have over 60 characters for you to choose from.



The 'Once Upon A Time' Gallery

Our 'Once Upon A Time' range is for all of our fairytale princes and princesses. If you are looking for a 'Classic' princess or a modern 'up to date' princess, then this is the gallery for you. We also have a few princes who make the perfect addition to any princess party package.




The 'Super Hero Squad' Gallery

The 'Super Hero Squad' is where you will find all of our super hero characters. Choose from our selection of male and female super heroes and add a character to your childs party to make it a 'herotastic' party they will never forget.

More character photos to be added soon.........



'Galaxy Force' Gallery

The 'Galaxy Force' gallery is the place to look for all of our Star Wars inspired characters. Although their are some villains in this character range, they are always on their best behaviour at parties. These characters will make sure that your child's party is out of this world.



The 'Storybook, Tv or Movie' Gallery

 The 'Storybook, Tv or Movie' Gallery is where to find all of our characters that are in storybooks, in movies are on the television. Here you can find characters such as our pirates and minions etc. 



Seasonal character Gallery

This gallery is where to find our Halloween and Christmas characters. From our Halloween Family to Santa Claus, there is a character that will suit your season party. 

 Gallery coming soon.......


Party Hosts

Our party hosts are there to ensure that your party runs smoothly. They will plan, organise and deliver all of the entertainment.  The hosts will set up any equipment and will take control of the music allowing the characters to spend time with the children. The party host will ensure that your child has a fantastic party. 




Disclaimer: **Hopscotch Entertainment do not the intend to violate any of the copyright laws. At Hopscotch Entertainment, our characters are generic with inspiration gathered from many popular storybook characters including The Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson. Our characters are not name branded copyright characters. We will only accept bookings from individuals who are aware that we are not,  we don't claim to be affiliated to Disney, Marvel, or any other character led company . Any resemblance to internationally known copyrighted character is accidental. If you are requiring a licensed, copyrighted character for your event, you should contact the company/copyright holders. 

**Please note all of our characters shown on this site can be played by any of our performers. If you request a certain performer to play a certain character, please note that we can not guarantee that it will happen. We will however, do our best to meet every request we receive.